Ofek Ron, Plantish: Saving Our Oceans With Plant-based Fish

Ofek Ron, Plantish: Saving Our Oceans With Plant-based Fish

By Vevolution

Ofek Ron is the founder of Plantish, an Israeli start-up creating plant-based whole fish fillets in a bid to tackle the over-fishing of our oceans. Ofek is a super passionate and charismatic person, who holds community and mission-driven work close to him. He and Erik discuss the vital importance of building a great team, and how Ofek is collaborating with pioneering scientists to design a special 3D printing machine to create their product. They also cover the importance of price point in the plant-based market, why sharing your company 'secrets' can be better in the long run, and why it's taken so long for the plant-based fish market to catch up with other vegan products.

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Bridey Addison-Child is our editor. Erik Amundson and Damien Clarkson are our hosts.

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