E150: The Marketing Genius Behind Nike: Greg Hoffman

E150: The Marketing Genius Behind Nike: Greg Hoffman

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 9 June

Greg Hoffman is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Nike, and the author of Emotion By Design, a book about how to find emotional ways to tell business stories and connect your ideas through creative storytelling.

Joining Nike when he was just in his early 20s, to becoming one of the most senior people of colour in corporate America, his life story is like no other. Here he tells us not just how to find new ways to get your story across, but delves into his own story as he tells us how he met his real family for the first time only a couple of years ago, and how that felt for him.

Greg is an entirely new voice on how to be a caring leader and deal with the stresses of high-level executive roles. Because when it’s your job to find ways to connect ideas with other people, you first have to connect those ideas to yourself.


Childhood, racism, and finding your voice What makes Nike successful? How to create a winning work culture How do you incentivize risk? Necessity sparks innovation Creating emotional connections Finding the right story & branding to make your business succeed Attention to detail Advice to become a successful marketer Finding out about your biological family Our last guest’s question

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