“How Much Sexier Do You Want?  ’’- with Annabelle Knight

“How Much Sexier Do You Want? ’’- with Annabelle Knight


Love Island: The Morning After

Friday, 17 June

WOW! The boat hasn’t just been rocked…it’s been capsized, and all our islanders are soaking wet…

Not like that… get your mind out of the gutter ;)

Remi is potentially stirring things up not just for Dami and Amber, but also for Indiyah and Ikenna; plus Jay has stuck his oar in between Tasha and Andrew, and he DEFINITELY came between Davide and Ekin Su…

Whilst Ekin Su plays hide and seek in a villa filled with cameras… we are all on the edge of our seats about how things will upfold. Will she take Gemma’s advice and tell Davide about the kiss?

Our wonderful flirting expert Annabelle Knight is also back, and she not only provides her expert opinion on last night’s events, but also on the amazing questions you guys have been sending in!

If you have a dilemma for Annabelle to help with, or a vote for tomorrow’s grafter of the week, get in touch by tweeting #LoveIslandPodcast, or by joining the subreddit community r/loveislandTV.

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