E154: World Leading Therapist: 3 Simple Steps To Remove Your Negative Thoughts: Marisa Peer

E154: World Leading Therapist: 3 Simple Steps To Remove Your Negative Thoughts: Marisa Peer

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 23 June

Marisa Peer is a world-leading therapist who specialises in helping people discover their best self, who doubles as a speaker, therapy trainer, and multiple best-selling author of You Are Enough, Tell Yourself a Better Lie and Ultimate Confidence.

Marissa has worked with thousands of people to help them overcome trauma in their lives, sometimes trauma they didn’t even know they had. According to her revolutionary theory, it’s only when people look into their own lives that they can find what’s holding them back in the outside world.

So, look within you. With Marissa we can go on a journey to retell and remould the story we tell ourselves about our own lives and our own journey. With persistence and perseverance, we can begin to tell ourselves a better lie.


Your early years Your teachers & techniques Stories are what cause us problems People living in ignorant bliss The Increase in mental health issues People putting themselves down How do you default to optimism Rewiring your thoughts Using words to change your actions Heartbreak cases Mistakes parents make Come with a question rather than judgement Taking responsibility I know who I want to be but I still go against it Your triple A process The last guest question



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