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Alex Light & Em Clarkson on Expectations

Alex Light & Em Clarkson on Expectations

By Gemma Styles

This is the podcast where each week we'll meet a guest who’ll help us pay attention to something we should know about, but maybe don’t. 

This episode features discussion of body image and eating issues. Please listen with care and put your mental health first.


This week we're talking about expectations; how social media might exacerbate long standing societal norms, how letting go of one pressure can empower you in other areas, and what to do when it's tension we put on ourselves that's holding us back.

Alex Light and Em Clarkson make up our first pair of guests on the podcast. Alex just published her first book 'You are not a before picture' which whizzed straight into the Sunday Times Bestseller charts and Em is a ball of online empowerment, from her Feelgood Fridays to her Have-a-gos. Together they host 'Should I Delete That?', a podcast aiming to explore the nuance that's often left out of social media.

If you want to learn more, here's where to find Alex and Em and their recommendations: 

Instagram: @alexlight_ldn / @em_clarkson

Something to read: Anything by Caitlin Moran / Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before - Dr Julie Smith

Something to watch: Jacqueline Hurst on Instagram / Brené Brown - Why your Critics aren't the Ones who Count

Something to listen to: You're Not Special Babe - Orla Gartland / Should I Delete That Podcast with Jacqueline Hurst


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