Bonus Episode: Gays Against Guns

Bonus Episode: Gays Against Guns

By Spirit Studios & Christopher Sweeney

Today I am joined by Ti Cersley from Gays Against Guns, in a bonus episode that seems more prevalent than ever following the terrorist shooting of LGBTQ+ people in Oslo last weekend. Gays Against Guns are an American organisation which basically does what it says on the tin - it’s gays and allies in the US trying to break the chain of death caused by outdated constitutional gun laws. Since 2016 they’ve been putting pressure on corrupt politicians, making companies cut ties with the NRA, and even protesting at gun shows. Ti told me how the gun industry in the US is all about marketing, control and addiction and how living in the UK allowed him to see what a country where guns are illegal can look like. This is more relevant than ever, because it’s not just happening in America. Listen and donate if you can @gaysagainstgunsny - Chris x

Roe v Wade Resources

National Network of Abortion Funds

The BPAS (British Pregancy Advice Service)

Oslo Resources

Oslo Pride

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