185: Fighting 'Don't Say Gay' | Part 1

185: Fighting 'Don't Say Gay' | Part 1

By Spirit Studios & Christopher Sweeney

The “Don’t say Gay” bill came into effect in Florida last Friday, meaning that teachers and schools who discuss LGBTQ+ people, history or events can now be at risk of prosecution by parents. It’s a law that rolls back the rights of queer people in the same way Thatcher’s Section 28 bill did in the UK over 30 years ago in 1988. Yes, 1988! Ever since we got wind of it, we wanted to cover the story on Homo Sapiens, and we found just the right people to talk to in Zander Moricz and Brandon Trice. Zander is the youngest public plaintiff in the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ lawsuit.  He is his school’s first openly gay Class President who went viral when, despite being censored by his school, he chose an ingenious way to speak about his sexuality in his Graduation speech. Brandon Trice is an equally brilliant young lawyer working on the case. Together they are ‘seeking to stop the law in its tracks completely’ and after listening to this episode I think you’ll be fully behind them, just like I am - Chris x

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