Episode 548 | "Pod About Nothing"

Episode 548 | "Pod About Nothing"

By The Joe Budden Network

The Joe Budden Podcast

Wednesday, 6 July

Although the news cycle did not favor Joe and the gang, they still managed to come out on top with various topics. They kick things off discussing the importance of spending time with their families (18:15), Michael Rubin's celebrity-filled party (32:55), and how DSP's are shadowbanning artists (42:45). Next, the guys debate the proper etiquette while double dating (1:04:35), Joe's time spent in Miami (1:11:10), Ish compares the United States to Game of Thrones (1:33:00) and MORE!

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | THEY. - “Comfortable” (Ft. Fana Hues)

Ice | Money Man - “Corrupted”

Parks | G Perico - “That’s My Dawg”

Ish | Eric Bellinger & Tank - “Goin Dutch” (Ft. Shawn Stockman)

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