The Promise and Failure of Cryptocurrency

The Promise and Failure of Cryptocurrency

By WNYC Studios

Notes from America

Monday, 11 July

Cryptocurrency promised to democratize the financial world by giving people equal access to banking tools. It has potential, but also a long way to go.

Guest host and senior digital producer Kousha Navidar takes calls and speaks with fintech policy expert Scott Astrada about the value and pitfalls of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin. Then, Dr. Kortney Ziegler from Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society speaks about empowering communities that the traditional banking system leaves behind.

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To many, cryptocurrency’s value is its promise to revolutionize one of the oldest institutions: finance. Hollywood is another institution that is undergoing its own evolution. The hope is that this evolution leads towards something more inclusive. But is that the case? Which roles does Hollywood encourage its members to play, on screen and off?

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