E334 Our New Co-Host Is Pregnant, Logan Paul Signs With WWE, Mike Offends A Fan

E334 Our New Co-Host Is Pregnant, Logan Paul Signs With WWE, Mike Offends A Fan

By Logan Paul

In today’s episode, the boys & surprise co-host discuss sex during pregnancy, Logan Paul’s dating life & how he made his mom cry over Wordle, Mike beefs with his new neighbors & offends a fan, Logan’s WWE contract, Roe v. Wade, boyfriends holding girlfriend’s purses (power move?), the men who spent $300k to appear on IMPAULSIVE & more…


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0:00 Intro/New Co-Host

1:51 Relationship Update (Logan)

5:07 Logan Hates Mike’s New House

9:21 Wordle Is Tearing Families Apart

13:27 Mike’s Neighbor Problem

18:44 Angry Mom After Mike

30:44 Holding Your Girlfriend’s Purse(?)

34:46 Mike’s Past Dating Life

37:24 Logan’s New WWE Contract

41:19 Roe v. Wade

53:45 Mike Is Going Bald

1:04:23 Mike Was Pregnant?

1:08:46 Surprise Guests!!!

1:13:42 PRIME & Angel Investing

1:21:52 Logan’s $5.3Mil Pokemon Card

1:29:00 Prenups

1:36:39 Genius Private Jet Idea

1:40:45 How To Spend Multi-Millions

1:45:09 Dan’s Seminars

1:52:03 Giving Away Money


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