E160: Victimhood & Self-sabotage Is Destroying The World In 2022: Africa Brooke

E160: Victimhood & Self-sabotage Is Destroying The World In 2022: Africa Brooke

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 14 July

Africa Brooke is a speaker and podcast host, who has built a community that has helped hundreds of thousands of young people navigate the unique pressures of the world today. From binge drinking to cancel culture, sexual empowerment to race and politics - Africa isn’t afraid to speak completely honestly and frankly about anything.

No one has come in to speak to us with as much honesty and vulnerability as Africa. This is a one-of-a-kind conversation that left us speechless.

There's never a topic on Diary of a CEO that’s off-limits, we will always bring you the world’s leading people telling their honest truth. What to make of their opinions is up to you, but as soon as Africa walked through the door of my kitchen to record, any pre-conceptions of what she was about to say were left on the other side. She certainly didn’t hold anything back.



Early years - my father What is your dark side? What was the cost? How to break out of a negative reinforcing cycle? What do you still self sabotage Left vs Right Accountability Selfawareness A journey with sex and sexuality What is the pain you enjoy having? What ideas do you hold to be true that everyone else disagrees with? The ingredient for happiness Last guest question




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