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The Diversity Gap: Mindful Antiracism with Faitth Brooks

The Diversity Gap: Mindful Antiracism with Faitth Brooks

By A More Beautiful Way with Bethaney Wilkinson

In this episode of The Diversity Gap Podcast, Bethaney sits down with Faitth Brooks, author of her newly released book, “The Anti-Racism Journal: Questions and Practices to Move Beyond Performative Allyship.”


Grappling with activism being “trendy” Mindfulness and slowing down enough to know what’s really going on when racial triggers arise Mindfulness for Black folks who are navigating a racialized society Creating peaceful places for Black women to rest and thrive The need for DEI leaders to revamp how we talk about our work and checking-in to make sure our policies are creating the changes we want to see

About Faitth Brooks:

Faitth Brooks is a writer, speaker, activist, and podcaster. She earned her Master’s degree in social work and a certificate in women’s entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Faitth is a social worker and advocate for those in need. She lives in Hyattsville, Maryland.

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