5. The City Hall Years: The Stir-Fry

5. The City Hall Years: The Stir-Fry

By BBC Radio 4

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. A bit of a mouthful. To most people - and there are those that hate it - he’s simply Boris

This series tells the story of Boris Johnson - from boy to man to Prime Minister. In each episode, Adam Fleming talks to a range of people who’ve known, watched, worked or dealt with him.

In the fifth episode, we hear about his time as London mayor.


Alex Crowley worked on Boris Johnson's two mayoral campaigns.

Will Walden was Boris Johnson's Director of Communications and External Affairs and his Chief Spokesman during his second term as mayor.

Anne McElvoy is a columnist and broadcaster at The Economist and she was a columnist at The Evening Standard when Boris Johnson became mayor.

Producers: Ben Carter, Natasha Fernandes and Lucinda Borrell Series Editor: Emma Rippon Production co-ordinator: Brenda Brown Studio Engineer: Neil Churchill

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