Abi Morgan

Abi Morgan

By The Telegraph

Abi Morgan is the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning screenwriter of films like Suffragette, Shame and The Iron Lady, as well as creating the impossibly brilliant BBC drama The Split. But all the screenwriting expertise in the world could not have prepared her for the series of cataclysmic events that shattered her life three years ago. Now she's written a book about those events, 'This is Not a Pity Memoir.' It's a love story, but not as you know it.

Abi joins Bryony to talk about the 'quiet drama' of a loved one in a coma, continuing to find joy in the darkness, and the terrifying realisation that she couldn't hide behind actors and directors in her own life.

This is not a Pity Memoir, by Abi Morgan |

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