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Gemma Oaten and Living With an Eating Disorder

Gemma Oaten and Living With an Eating Disorder

By MQ Mental Health Research

In this episode, Professor Rory and Craig spoke to actress and eating disorder campaigner Gemma Oaten. Gemma is known for playing Rachel Breckle in the popular soap opera Emmerdale. 


At age 10, Gemma discovered that she had an eating disorder, although due to a lack of clinical understanding, she continued to struggle for another 13 years. Now Gemma is the CEO of the charity SEED UK,  which aims to help those living with an eating disorder.


In this fascinating conversation, they spoke about the difficulties with getting a diagnosis, the severity of eating disorders and providing support for survivors.


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If you, or someone you know, is affected by an eating disorder, then please reach out for advice and support from one of the following organisations:

Heart UK