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Episode 133 | Shifting Gears ft SadBoiz

Episode 133 | Shifting Gears ft SadBoiz

By Out Of Home Podcast

In this week’s episode, due to overseas agendas of Yaf and Steven, the dynamic duo of Kwarmz and Kie hold things down, first time ever 50% of the mandem have recorded without a guest! The two K’s have a heartfelt chat about some of their hang-ups, similar life situations they have experienced and speak up about the positive traits about one another!

- The mandem share what has kept them busy over the last seven days (04:52)

- Kieran and Kwame speak about birthday landmarks and how societal pressure can alter our reflection (09:11)

- Kwame opens up about an subject or which he has grappled with for almost a decade, what is next for the women’s game (19:35)

-Kieran speaks on what was referenced earlier, the values of two p’s :persistence and practice when it comes to working on a craft (37:42)

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