E168: Building A Business Empire WITHOUT ANY Marketing: Five Guys CEO: John Eckbert

E168: Building A Business Empire WITHOUT ANY Marketing: Five Guys CEO: John Eckbert

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 11 August

John Eckbert is the CEO of Five Guys in Europe. By far the most successful ‘posh burger’ chain in Britain, John tells us how he took a classic concept to a whole new content by inventing a unique business model.

Five Guys in Europe is not just a franchise, but John rather started from zero on a joint venture which has so managed to eclipse the dozens of other similar businesses that launched at the same time, and then some.

As well as dishing out profound business and management advice, John walks us through how a sea-change in his personal life left him feeling trapped and alone. But John fought fires at both home and work in order to make Five Guys what it is today. We’re so glad he did.


What shaped your business mentality? Five Guy’s journey Building a successful business without marketing How to stop employees becoming compliant Installing company values Hiring the best people Attention to detail How do you keep calm? Hardest moments & how to handle them Critical feedback, standards & customer service Business decisions and their impact What’s the biggest threat to Five Guys? What makes you happy? Self-awareness What’s are the foundations of your future? Our last guest’s question

Five Guys:


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