Dog food, Diet fizzy drinks, Mouthwash

Dog food, Diet fizzy drinks, Mouthwash

By BBC Radio 4

Is expensive dog food better for your pooch than the cheap stuff? Are diet fizzy drinks actually ‘bad’ for you? And should we all add mouthwash to our bathroom routine?

With Greg up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week we’re doing something a little different - investigating THREE of the wonder-products you’ve sent us on WhatsApp in a triple slice of quick investigations.

First up, listener Ali in Bristol wants to know whether the expensive dog food she bought is really better for her new pooch than the cheaper stuff. Greg speaks to one of the UK’s most senior vets to find out the differences between wet and dry dog food and whether the latest doggy diet trends of vegan and raw food diets are a good idea for our canine companions.

Second is Sophie who loves Diet Coke but her friends and family say it’s bad for her. Greg finds out about the latest evidence from the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK regulator, the Food Standards Agency.

Finally, listener Helen wants to know - what’s the point of mouthwash? And in finding out, Greg’s bathroom routine is turned on its head!

Keep your suggestions coming for wonder-products you’d like us to investigate. Send them over on email to or as a voice note to our WhatsApp number: 07543 306807.

PRESENTER: Greg Foot PRODUCER: Simon Hoban

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