712: Brad Klontz | Harnessing the Power of Financial Psychology

712: Brad Klontz | Harnessing the Power of Financial Psychology

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 16 August

Dr. Brad Klontz (@drbradklontz) is a financial psychologist, Managing Principal at Your Mental Wealth Advisors, and co-author of six books on the psychology of money, including Money Mammoth: Harness The Power of Financial Psychology to Evolve Your Money Mindset, Avoid Extinction, and Crush Your Financial Goals.

What We Discuss with Dr. Brad Klontz: If the United States is the wealthiest country on Earth, and it's one of the most prosperous times in human history, why does 45 percent of the population decide to wing it with no savings? Why do so many of us buy the hype that bringing in barely enough money to survive from certain professions is somehow noble — and that making a living wage in service to others is akin to moral failure? How parents who have spent their lives carefully growing and saving their own money instill lousy financial habits in their offspring. Why financial planning should be a basic part of the public education curriculum alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic. How social media contributes to a gross misunderstanding of the way wealthy people (the ones who stay wealthy, anyway) really spend their money. And much more...

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