Body acceptance and the journey to self love, featuring Iskra Lawrence

Body acceptance and the journey to self love, featuring Iskra Lawrence

By Boots

Body positivity, body neutrality and body acceptance are all terms that will be familiar to any active users of social media, especially those suffering from self-esteem issues. They are movements that have been formed in direct response to the explosion of body-image related mental-health problems affecting the nation (many of which may have been exacerbated by social media itself). In this episode, body-acceptance advocate Iskra Lawrence discusses her own journey to self-love, the role of social media in both helping and harming self-esteem, and how we can learn to respect our bodies rather than punishing them.


Please be aware that this episode includes open and honest discussions of body shaming, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and unrealistic beauty standards, which some listeners may find upsetting. If you are affected by what you hear and would like further information on available support, please see the list of resources below.    



Boots Online Doctor mental health support

Mental Health Support Services (available on Boots Health Hub)

NHS: The Body Image Treatment Clinic

NHS eating disorders overview

National Centre for Eating Disorders

NHS body dysmorphic disorder information



Anti-Bullying Alliance




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