E170: Gary Neville: From Football Legend To Building A Business Empire

E170: Gary Neville: From Football Legend To Building A Business Empire

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 18 August

Gary Neville is a broadcaster, serial business founder and owner, and a winner of every possible club football title in his 20 years playing for Manchester United - with 2 Champions League medals, 8 Premier League medals, 3 FA Cup medals, a Club World Cup medal, and 2 League cup medals.

In one of his most emotional and heartfelt interviews to date, Gary opens up about precisely what drove him and his similarly successful siblings on - his brother is the England-capped footballer Philip Neville, while his sister is the former Head Coach of England Netball, Tracey Neville - despite their very humble origins.

A legend of Manchester United and a former captain of the club, he goes into detail about precisely what made the team culture of the Sir Alex Ferguson years so strong, why its so sorely lacking now, why he’s felt the need to speak out more on social and political issues, and why everything he does is for the city he grew up in and calls home. Even after all these years, he’s still bringing glory back to Manchester.


How did you and your family become so successful in sport? What the cost of your drive? You’re self disparaging about your skills Alex Ferguson’s mindset What you have you learnt from Sir Alex about culture? Why are Manchester United failing now? Your businesses  Politics Mental health Your dad The next 10 years If happiness was a recipe The last guest question

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