E171: Making $100 Million A Year Eating Raw Liver: Liver King

E171: Making $100 Million A Year Eating Raw Liver: Liver King

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 22 August

The Liver King is an illusive internet sensation who says the secret to a healthy and happy life is to eat raw meat every day. An advocate of what he calls an 'ancestral lifestyle', we have to return to the lifestyle our hunter-gatherer forebears.

Returning to this way of living is most consistent with our DNA and what we're genetically coded to want according to the Liver King. A controversial figure, his advocating of this diet is disputed by many nutritionists, but the Liver King says it has transformed his life, that of his family, and his followers who take up his suggestion.

In this raw interview the Liver King opens up on criticism and his sometimes crippling anxieties for the first time, as well as how his ancestral lifestyle shapes his bond with his wife, the Liver Queen. It isn't always easy to be the king.


Early years Whats your dark side What made you become Liver King? Accountability The benefits of the 9 ancestral tenets The way you sleep Food - What are we doing wrong? Bonding and connection Are you optimistic in this digital world? Liver Kings brand Criticism The hardest moment of your adult life Depression & Anxiety Your business portfolio What role does money play in your life Liver queen Monogamy as a primal What do you need to work on? What are you teaching your kids about emotion? The last guest question Eating liver

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