Should We Read ‘Classic Books’ To Our Kids Even If They Are Full Of Stereotypes?

Should We Read ‘Classic Books’ To Our Kids Even If They Are Full Of Stereotypes?

By Martha Deiros Collado

Talking Sense with Dr Martha

Monday, 22 August

We all know the classical stories and fairytales of our childhood. How do we feel about reading these stories now to our own children? What if we don’t agree with the stereotypes within them? Will it harm our children to hear these stories or will it make some of what we teach them seem ‘at odds’ with this? Dr Martha talks about some of the themes classic stories carry within them and what you can do with this, if you wish to.


If you would like to read some different stories to your child Dr Martha has compiled a list of her favourite books, including some that deliberately re-story the classical fairytales of our childhood. Have a look for these stories. Find reading lists here:


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