Rose asks: What if Mr. Eric got eaten by a Venus Fly Trap? (w/ Kesler Talbot from "Lost Ollie")

Rose asks: What if Mr. Eric got eaten by a Venus Fly Trap? (w/ Kesler Talbot from "Lost Ollie")

By Eric O'Keeffe

What If World - Stories for Kids

Monday, 22 August

Our young guest this week is Kesler Talbot, one of the stars of the new Netflix series, Lost Ollie. Can he help Fred narrate this story, or will he have to intervene in order to save Mr. Eric?

Lessons include: The less control we have, the more stress we feel; a little treat can help with sudden stress, but we've got to enjoy all things in moderation

Missing: one stuffed rabbit named Ollie with a heart of gold and taste for adventure. Lost Ollie finds his way home to Netflix on August 24th.

Kesler Talbot is a regular kid just like you who grew up with parents who are actors. He did his first commercial at the age of 4 and has gone on to appear on some popular TV shows that have filmed in his hometown of Vancouver in Canada. He first appeared in a Hallmark Christmas movie at the age of 9 and went on to film Lost Ollie later that year working with puppets, actors, vocal artists and the director of one of his favorite shows, Into the Spiderverse. Now, Kesler is more than a little excited to be making a guest appearance on his favorite podcast, What If World!

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