The Vulva Bible, featuring Anna Richardson and Dr Dawn Harper

The Vulva Bible, featuring Anna Richardson and Dr Dawn Harper

By Boots

How often do we all discuss vulvas and vaginas? Answer: not nearly enough – a problem this episode hopes to rectify. What is and is not ‘normal’ when it comes to our genitals is a subject steeped in secrecy, leaving many too embarrassed to ask questions about which bits do what, what they’re called, and what they ‘should’ look like. In this episode, Vogue is joined by Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson and Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Dawn Harper, for an open, honest and truly taboo-busting conversation about all things vulva – from the impact of waxing, types of menstrual products, excessive cleaning, and contraception, to vaginal thrush, painful sex, and changes in discharge. 



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