Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 29

Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 29

By Zoe Eather

Hi #smartcommunityfriends! I’m back with another bonus episode of the Smart Community Podcast sharing various guests answers to the question, ‘Where to next with Smart Cities and Communities?” And this time I’m sharing with you the answers from these guests:

Russell Bennett from Episode 307 Tim Neale from Episode 308 Ryan McManus from Episode 309 Gaya Gounder from Episode 310

Some themes that come through in the guest answers are around corridor concepts in our cities, breaking down silos and nurturing the culture of innovation, regional partnerships and keeping and retaining skill sets.

We talk a lot about embedding the Smart Communities approach, which is important to break down silos and barriers so we can move forward with our Smart Communities initiatives. We need to continue to think differently and creatively to really gain traction and start seeing some of the benefits Smart Communities can bring.

Another theme our guests are commonly finding is skills shortages in their particular regions, and really want to work on keeping and retaining those skill sets. It really is time to start uplifting our regions and showcasing regional capacity and capabilities, and educating school leavers on the many career paths of STEM to either attract those needed skill sets or retain the current talent in our regions.

As Tim Neale says, “Trying to educate early stage school leavers to the potential of what opportunities lie ahead, for the region's I think that's a massive thing we've got to do right now. And hopefully, people coming out of the cities back into regional areas, is going to drive some of those incredible skill sets that we need back in the regions to solve these big problems that we've got.”

As always we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

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