E172: Growing A 10+ Million Youtube Following At The Age of 22: Joe Sugg

E172: Growing A 10+ Million Youtube Following At The Age of 22: Joe Sugg

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 25 August

Joe Sugg is an influencer who, after breakout success before he turned 21, decided to dial down the parties and temptations of fame in order to return to nature and make everything more low key.

After realising he didn’t enjoy his life as much as he was supposed to, some serious prioritisation about what his real values were and what really mattered to him was in order in order to refocus and rebalance his life. He hasn’t looked back since.

Joe’s new book Grow is out on the 15th September, it goes through the lessons he’s learnt and the strategies he’s adopted to help him find balance and harmony with his life.


Early Years Procrastination & self doubt The rapid success of early Youtubers & its impact Your Youtube journey Dealing with Imposter Syndrome The fall of the OG Youtubers Grow: Your new book Your struggles with mental health Dianne & You Our last guest’s question

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