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The myth of good skin, with Jessica DeFino

The myth of good skin, with Jessica DeFino

By Pandora Sykes

Jessica DeFino is not your regular beauty journalist. After finding her pieces were regularly rejected from newspapers and magazines for being too incendiary, or dissing beauty brands who advertised, she founded her newsletter, The Unpublishable, where, in her own words she “dismantles beauty standards, debunks marketing myths and explores how beauty culture impacts people”. It now has 40,000 readers. 

The Huffington Post once described her as “giving the middle finger to the entire beauty industry”. 


Jess and I discuss why clear skin isn’t a health objective but an aesthetic one, the evolution of a tan, the explosion of celebrity makeup and skincare lines and why we’re at a tipping point in beauty.

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Hosted & Exec Produced by Pandora Sykes

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