E174: James Smith: Become Confident In 100 Minutes

E174: James Smith: Become Confident In 100 Minutes

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 1 September

James Smith is a fitness influencer and the two-time best-selling author of Not a Life Coach and Not a Diet Book. His no holds barred approach to fitness advice makes him unlike any other fitness influencer today, and now he’s bringing his unique philosophy to improving people’s confidence.

According to James, we’ve been getting self confidence and how to achieve it all wrong. Confidence is not a surefire belief in ourselves to achieve great things, but rather confidence is being at peace with the idea of losing or things going wrong. When you know it isn’t the end of the world, you realise losing isn’t the same as being defeated.

Like James’ brutally honest fitness advice, there’s no quick fix to confidence, or any miracle cure. James starts, like he always does, by looking at himself honestly - and truthfully - in the mirror, and all he asks is we do the same as well. James’ book is out today.


Why did you write a book about confidence How deep are our confidence issues? Our pain points in confidence The base of confidence and how we build it what is audacity? A: Airing your opinions Happiness recipe Productivity Are you a workaholic Your relationships monogamy Dating How do I help my friend that isn't changing? What do you need to work on? Building confidence with evidence picking your passengers utility of deprivation concept what is your goal? The worst day of your life How can someone build confidence today? The opposite to happiness is boredom The last guests question

James’ book:





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