Ep.8 Tolly T on Taking Opportunities, Dreaming Big & Living Life

Ep.8 Tolly T on Taking Opportunities, Dreaming Big & Living Life

By Grace Beverley

My guest today is Tolani Shoneye, writer, producer, host of 10/10 Would Recommend and 1/3 of The Receipts Podcast - a leading award-winning UK podcast and one of my personal favourites for YEARS. While Tolani is best known for hosting The Receipts, she has established herself as a trusted voice that resonates with millennial women on and off the mic. A former beauty editor for Buzzfeed UK, Tolani's credits include Elle, The Independent and Refinery29. Her breadth as a creative is undeniable as a one-time playwright for the Young Vic, with commissioned monologues under her belt and TV credits including hit Netflix series Top Boy. 


Building a career based on your talents

Testing and learning to build a career

The joy of storytelling

The importance of taking opportunities and dreaming big

Dealing with grief at work 

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