Ep.3 Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Build a Career You Love with Shopé Delano

Ep.3 Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Build a Career You Love with Shopé Delano

By Grace Beverley

My guest today is Shopé Delano, VP of Marketing at Charlie Oscar, a new-era group of digital consumer brands, and Founder of her own upcoming workwear brand Kind Regards . Shopé's internet life began back in 2010, with a fashion blog and youtube channel that saw her work freelance with the likes of Nike, Puma and ASOS. After a successful stint in academia, she entered the world of startups and venture capital, working with the likes of Depop, Forward Partners and now Charlie Oscar. I originally came into contact with Shopé after her viral open letter to working women - I read it and just had to message her about just how nail-on-head it was - so we got talking about the topics in my book, and her work. I’m incredibly excited to have her join me today.


Brand building

Content creation

The pressure to have a 'purpose'

The representation of working women

Finding enjoyment in your career, especially at the beginning 

Girlboss culture

The art of doing nothing

The dangers of comparing yourself to others on social media

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