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The Best of Postive Leadership and Me

The Best of Postive Leadership and Me

By Jean-Philippe Courtois

JP started this podcast because he knew Positive Leadership could help us to:  

Transform our relationship with our ourselves Have stronger connections with others Make a bigger positive impact on society  

It’s this ripple impact that makes Positive Leadership both so powerful and so simple to practice in our daily lives. 

And that’s why he&aposs put together three ‘Best Of’ episodes, each focusing on one of the areas above. 

This first episode, The Best of Positive Leadership and Me, features just over 20 minutes of top tips for becoming a better, healthier, more mindful, resilient, and self-compassionate version of yourself – from previous guests Michael Bungay Stanier, Arianna Huffington, Kevin Johnson, Audrey Tang and Kim Cameron.  

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