Joshua Maddux

Joshua Maddux

By Unresolved Productions

"Sometimes in life, our stories don't have happy endings. I'm sorry to say that this is one of those stories..."

On the morning of May 8th, 2008, Joshua Maddux told his family he was going to go for a walk. It was a chilly-but-nice day, and a morning walk or hike was not at all unusual for the outdoorsy 18-year-old. Sadly, he never came home, and attempts to track him down proved fruitless for his loved ones.

Years later, in 2015, demolition crews made a gruesome discovery: the skeletonized remains of Josh Maddux, approximately two blocks away from his family's home in Woodland Park, Colorado. His remains were inside the chimney of an abandoned cabin near the area's historic Thunderhead Ranch...

Researched & written by Bethany Branson

Hosted & produced by Micheal Whelan

Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music

"Unresolved" themes composed by Ailsa Traves

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