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Monarchic, Anarchic, Republican or Unmoved?

Monarchic, Anarchic, Republican or Unmoved?

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Have the monarchy and the media got this last week right? And how are we all left feeling now, a week or so on?

The last seven days have seen the country divided on how to respond to The Queen's death. Emily, Jon, and Lewis reflect on how they felt when they heard the news, and whether the media coverage has changed their feelings about the monarchy.

And who will North Korea sit next to at the state funeral on Monday? Former top Foreign Office civil servant Sir Simon Fraser joins us in the studio to get under the skin of the diplomatic conundrums the UK Government faces when the world's leaders come to town.

Producers: Gabriel Radus & Ellie Clifford

Planning: Melissa Tutesigensi

Video Engineer: Ioana Barbu

Social Editor: Rory O'Connor

Deputy Editor: Tom Hughes

Executive Producer: Dino Sofos

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