Changing Food Systems as an Everyday Activist - Evelyn Suttle

Changing Food Systems as an Everyday Activist - Evelyn Suttle

By Ceara Carney

Evelyn Suttle joins me for episode 70 to chat veganism, civil resistance, food security in Ireland, and Eco Feminism. With ties to so many groups that are striving to make the world a better place, Evelyn is a wonderful source of inspiration, whether you're a seasoned activist, or new to the movement. You can find all resources mentioned in below, but make sure to stay up to date with @Veghuns.

[05:20] A little bit about Evelyn.

[15:10] How Veghuns came about.

[19:20] How activism manifests for Evelyn, & her favourite part of it.

[25:05] Eco Farm Ireland.

[32:50] Animal Rebellion Ireland.

[35:35] Why we need civil disobedience.

[40:20] Tips for people who have yet to dip their toe into civil resistance or activism.

[45:40] Evelyn’s writing on Feminist Animal Studies Application (Votes Fur Women)

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