Broken Systems & Civil Resistance - Orla Murphy

Broken Systems & Civil Resistance - Orla Murphy

By Ceara Carney

You may have come across Orla Murphy’s story if you follow Irish climate activist groups, as they spent 5 weeks in prison last year for a direct action at Iveagh House that sparked some controversy. Here, Orla tells of their two actions that resulted in arrest here in Ireland, the ‘justice’ that was served, as well the broken prison system. We end with practical advice and tips that anyone can take. You can reach out to Orla directly on Instagram @orlamurphy_01 or Twitter @orlamurphy_k

[03:00] What inspired Orla to take action over injustices

[06:30] What is Civil Resistance & Civil Disobedience

[08:20] The freedom riders.

[13:15] Orla’s first action where they were arrested.

[20:00] Their Iveagh House action & second arrest.

[29:00] Prison

[38:00] The courtcase & outcome.

[44:40] Why have civil disobedience if our justice system is failing.


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