Litter Picking Magic - Patrick Jackson

Litter Picking Magic - Patrick Jackson

By Ceara Carney

Patrick began an initiative with VOICE Ireland called Picker Pals that started with an unfortunate incident that turned into magic... Make sure to check out to request a pack or check out their resources. They also have a YouTube and can be followed on Facebook, Instagram @pickerpals and Twitter @pickerpalsworld

[04:10] Intro to Patrick.[06:20] How Picker Pals came about.[14:50] Why this work is worth doing.[17:25] What are the most common things you find on cleans, and what are the most unusual?[18:45] What schoolkids are told about waste and how they react.[24:20] How people can request a picker pack to their school.[27:25] The magic of litter picking.[29:50] Random Questions!


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