Helping Pollinators, Misconceptions & Solutions - Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick

Helping Pollinators, Misconceptions & Solutions - Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick

By Ceara Carney

There’s no better time to give as much help to our pollinators than now. Úna is a wealth of knowledge and the work of the National Biodiversity Data Centre, including the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, is crucial. Stay up to date with their work by signing up to their newsletter or following them on Twitter @BioDataCentre @PollinatorPlan , Instagram @biodatacentre @allirelandpollinatorplan & Facebook.

[04:30] Getting to know Úna.[06:30] When she realised ecology protection was moving in the wrong direction.[10:10] How the NBDC works & what kind of data can be collected.[13:10] What the All Ireland Pollinator Plan is.[15:30] What pollinators are.[16:50] The 3 main reasons we need to protect pollinators.[19:15] The main threats to pollinators.[20:45] How the changing weather affects them.[23:10] Solutions! How to help.[33:00] The issue with honeybees.

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