Walking, Meditation & The Work That Reconnects - Jane Killingbeck

Walking, Meditation & The Work That Reconnects - Jane Killingbeck

By Ceara Carney

For episode 61 and the last in season 3 of the podcast, I interviewed Jane Killingbeck about The Work That Reconnects. Developed by Joanna Macy, in her own words "The Work that Reconnects helps people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action."

Jane is one of few people who provide workshops on this practice in Ireland and so I was delighted to chat to her. This is a hard time of year, and life, for so many, so I hope you find some tools to strengthen your well-being in this.

You can email Jane at janekillingbeck1@hotmail.com or follow her on Facebook, here.

Thank you for listening for yet another year. The pleasure has been all mine! See you back in April.

[07:30] Jane’s introduction.[09 :35] Where Jane’s love for nature came from.[13:05] How she started involvement with The Work That Reconnects.[17:00] What a council of all beings is and Jane’s first experience of one.[22:50] Inside a Work That Reconnects Workshop.[27:25] Gratitude.[34:45] Individual change & the power of it.[45:00] Attachment to things & situations.[47:20] What Jane does when feeling overwhelmed.[51:20] Ishayas Ascension meditation.[54:35] Random Questions!

Here is a link to the book Active Hope.

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