Climate Change: Parenting, Pensions & CETA - Paul McCormack Cooney

Climate Change: Parenting, Pensions & CETA - Paul McCormack Cooney

By Ceara Carney

Episode 54 is coming from the vaults as I interviewed fellow activist Paul McCormack Cooney a few months ago. Paul is another absolutely wonderful human I got to know through Extinction Rebellion. He recently started a blog called Climate Dad which despite being a work in progress, I definitely recommend checking out! And you can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulMcCC or Instagram

We cover some everyday topics like parenting, but we also touch on the ever-lasting, controversial CETA, a trade agreement you may have heard of… Have a listen and let me know what you think!

[04:15] A bit about Paul & what sparked his eco consciousness.[10:10] Cool Planet & Extinction Rebellion.[18:00] Linking Paul’s work in the Pension sector to our climate action perception.[23:30] Starting his blog, Climate Dad.[25:35] Talking to his kids about Climate Change.[31:35] Dealing with burnout.[34:50] A quick guide to CETA.[41:30] Random questions!

As mentioned, CETA is a big, complicated topic but I recommend checking out Paul's blogpost on it, and searching and signing all the petitions you can find about it, & emailing TDs.

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