From Waste to Watches (& Sunnies!) - Eoin, Crann

From Waste to Watches (& Sunnies!) - Eoin, Crann

By Ceara Carney

Eoin McGuinness is behind Crann, an Irish company that sells watches and sunglasses, made from what others would consider to be waste. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I enjoyed having it! Give them a follow to on Instagram

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[08:20] What sparked Eoin to be eco-conscious.[20:25] How Crann came about.[16:20] How the sunglasses and watches are made and where the materials are sourced.[20:35] Is it upcycling or downcycling? And how are Crann carbon neutral?[25:50] What's the packaging like?[28:10] Do you remember your first customers?[31:10] UV, blue light filtering and lifetime warranties.[36:30] Random questions!


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