Affordable, Sustainable Fashion: Borrowing & Swapping - Aisling, Nuw

Affordable, Sustainable Fashion: Borrowing & Swapping - Aisling, Nuw

By Ceara Carney

Episode 37 is with Aisling Byrne, the founder of Nuw, formally known as The Nu Wardrobe. Nuw is a clothes sharing and swapping app, set up to tackle fast fashion's problems like pollution and workers' rights, which we chat about in full in this interview!

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(02:25) Aisling introduce's herself and her background.(09:20) When the idea behind Nuw sparked.(15:10) How the app works.(23:40) The difficulty of finding plus-sized clothes when thrifting, and how Nuw is working to overcome it.(27:05) Plans for bringing menswear on to the app.(29:45) Crowdfunding.(33:50) How to upload clothes to the app.(39:10) Where the line falls by supporting slow fashion and not causing a loss of jobs by boycotting certain companies.(47:20) Closing thoughts.

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