Periods: Pads, Cups & Shame - Augustina, We Live Our Values

Periods: Pads, Cups & Shame - Augustina, We Live Our Values

By Ceara Carney

Augustina is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to menstruation. From the eco friendly reuseable products available, to how we should change the relationship we have with our periods, there is nothing we don't cover in this chat. Have a listen or watch on YouTube and make sure you follow We Live Our Values on Instagram (@liveourvalues) or Facebook to keep up to date with Augustina!

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(03:30) An introduction to Augustina.(05:30) When her awareness of period product waste came about,(09:00) The pricing of reuseable products.(13:50) Reuseable pads with 'a heavy flow'.(17:15) Being discreet with our periods.(18:15) How to wash pads.(25:30) How long to wear them for.(29:50) Menstrual cups.(37:20) Menstrual discs.(39:15) Menstrual sponges & reuseable tampons.(41:25) How people are dying from embarrassment.(43:30) Observing your period for changes regarding health.(47:20) The sexualisation of women & period products.(49:00) The SHAME.(01:06:30) Free Bleeding.


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