Bringing 'Eco' into the Event Industry - Megan Best, Native Events

Bringing 'Eco' into the Event Industry - Megan Best, Native Events

By Ceara Carney

In episode 33 I chat to Megan from Native Events about, you guessed it, the events industry!

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(03:20) Introduction from Megan.(06:50) What are the sustainability issues in the events industry?(08:50) The solutions Native Events are practicing.(13:25) The eco solution to toilets.(16:00) Dealing with tents & sleeping bags left behind at festivals & Attention Attire.(21:35) What we as festival goers can do to influence events to be greener.(23:40) How Megan feels about the ongoing pandemic's effects.(26:20) Megan's personal advice on living a more sustainable life.(28:35) The process NE have when working with someone's event, big or small.

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