Climate Change & Over Fishing in Coastal Communities - Ruth Leeney

Climate Change & Over Fishing in Coastal Communities - Ruth Leeney

By Ceara Carney

Ruth Leeney is a conservationist, fellow activist with Extinction Rebellion, and vegan, working hard to preserve our under water world. We covered so much in this chat and still didn't get to talk about everything, so I know for sure, there'll be a second interview with Ruth sometime in the future! In the meantime, you can support Ruth's work through Women4Oceans on their website.


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We covered:

(05:40) Ruth's background and when she became eco consious.(08:34) Scuda diving in U.K. Vs Australian waters.(13:44) How the community Ruth works with in Mozambique are being affected by over fishing.(17:40) How the locals have been impacted by Climate Change.(23:44) What, if any work is being done by NGOs or governments to aid and educate in this crisis.(28:40) What is Blue Justice? Read this link for more.(32:35) How we in the first world countries can help.(37:28) Why Ruth first became vegan and how she manages working in coastal fishery communities considering that.(45:15) How to know if the fish you do buy is sustainably sourced.(48:20) How to avoid trawled fish.(49:40) Dynamite fishing.(50:40) The plastic Ruth has seen on her dive adventures around the world.

Also Mentioned:

Climate Justice by Mary Robinson.Mothers of Invention PodcastClimate Queens Podcast.Jaque Custo documentaries.The Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum Roberts.Cyclone Idai. in Mozambique, 2019.Down To Earth Wholefoods shop (as the best stocked wholefoods store in Dublin when Ruth first went vegan!).UK Marine conservation society sustainable fishing list.Vita as an Irish charity assisting local communities in Ethiopia and Eritrea fight against climate change.Women4Oceans, a network of women working on conservation and research that Ruth is involved with.ParCo, a charity that does beach clean ups around Vilankulo in Mozambique.Protect Africa's Sawfishes, Ruth's own research project she works on.

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