Food Security in Ireland - Aisling Wheeler

Food Security in Ireland - Aisling Wheeler

By Ceara Carney

Despite what we hear about Ireland doing well in terms of food security, it's far more treacherous than we think. Aisling Wheeler talks me through the problems Ireland faces, how it all changed and what we can do to make it better.

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(05:35) The definitions of food security & food sovereignty, and how we fare in Ireland in regards to that.(10:35) Organic farming in Ireland.(11:45) The knock-on effects of relying on imported goods.(15:45) What changed in recent decades to make our food system insecure.(18:30) What has been done, if anything, in policy or government to help with food security.(22:20) Soil health in Ireland - fertility and drainage.(28:30) The difference between monoculture & permaculture.(32:45) Growing your own food at home, encouraging farmers to diversify & CSA.(37:35) Buying food in season & our relationship with food.

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