Creating an A.r.k. for Nature - Mary Reynolds

Creating an A.r.k. for Nature - Mary Reynolds

By Ceara Carney

Episode 27 is with Mary Reynolds who chats about We Are the Ark, an initiative to encourage people to give back some land to nature.

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(04:50) What inspired We Are The Ark.(08:05) Where the name came from.(09:00) The importance of putting a sign on your ark.(11:25) How much land is 'enough' for an ark.(13:30) What it means to be a guardian of the earth as opposed to gardener.(16:00) Is an ark compatible with pets and children?(19:00) Getting an ark started.(22:40) Giving sovereignty back to the land.(25:00) Growing food in a wild garden.  Learn more about forest gardening here!(30:35) Restoring your land to what it was before.(34:20) How to go about turning public or government land into arks.(36:30) How we can make sure our artificial outside lights stop damaging wildlife.(38:45) Closing thoughts from Mary.(43:20) What we need going forward to get systematic change.

Resources mentioned:

The Garden Awakenin book;Mary's TEDx Talk.From What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins.Extinction Rebellion.

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