Saving Clothes from Landfill - Fiona Lily

Saving Clothes from Landfill - Fiona Lily

By Ceara Carney

For episode 26, I chat to Fiona from All Things Fiona Lily about re-imagining clothes destined for landfill and setting up her own zero waste coffee shop in Donegal.

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We chat about:

[4:43] When Fiona became more eco-aware.[07:55] The journey from working in fast to slow fashion.[10:20] How much unsold clothes are sent to landfill.[11:30] How Fiona finds her stock.[16:05] How the 'faulty' jumpers are repaired.[16:55] The conflicting worry that stock might dry up.[18:30] Where the positive designs come from.[21:00] The setting up of her café Simply Green.[33:30] Quick guide to washing clothes with polyester in them.

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