Toilet Paper Vs The Bidet

Toilet Paper Vs The Bidet

By Ceara Carney

While toilet paper has been disappearing off the shelves, a lot of people have made the plunge to switch to a paperless toilet routine by opting for a bidet instead. So I thought I'd research the differences between the two with the environment in mind (but I also touch on money, health & cleanliness!). So listen in, or watch on YouTube, to find out how much of an impact your carbon buttprint is

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(03:35) Definition & History of the Bidet.(07:15) Our use of toilet paper.(13:17) Pros & cons of toilet paper.(17:35) Water Usage. (Watch this Netflix documentary on the Earth's water supply here.)(21:17) Pros & cons of the bidet.(27:19) Types of bidets.(31:24) Flushable Wipes.(32:45) Vascó's & Cecilia's personal bidet stories.(37:00) How much resources an Irish person could save switching to a bidet considering we use on average 10.5kg per capita a year.(38:20) Eco toilet paper options.

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Down2Earth Materials.Reuzi. (Listen to Pat in episode 8 here!)Cheeky Panda paper at  Little Green Gives A Crap.Tushy.

GreenPeace guide to Toilet Paper Brands.

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