Making Easter Ethically Eco!

Making Easter Ethically Eco!

By Ceara Carney

OK, you may have forgotten what day of the week it is but the Easter Bunny has not! This Sunday, the 12th of April, is Easter Sunday. This is a holiday that, like many others, has good intentions but so much waste involved and is linked to the heavy carbon footprint of chocolate.

In this episode, using the research I've done I delve into:

A very ...very... brief history on Easter. A look at the carbon footprint of chocolate. Consumption of Easter Eggs in Ireland & the waste involved.Eco friendly treasure hunts (buy reusable wooden eggs here).Ethical decor and dinner suggestions as opposed to eggs and lamb.

Reports & Surveys Used:

Euromonitor Chocolate Report.Euro 2017 Chocolate Stats.University of Manchester report on the Environmental Impacts of Chocolate. Repak Easter Survey. 

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Ceara X

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